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The Shalhevet Learning Community is a one-on-one-based learning program, connecting Jews from all over the world and from different backgrounds through our most basic common denominator: our Jewish heritage

This program of Torah study is designed to answer Rabbi Steinsaltz's call for deep Torah learning and a desire to connect and know our heritage.

The program emphasizes acquiring tools for independent study, personal connection, and individual learning needs.

Shalhevet aims to build a community comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds across the globe, brought together through Torah learning.




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How Does It Work?

What it is all about? 

An Hour-long one-on-one learning sessions each week with an Israeli partner, through ZOOM, on the topic and time that suits you both.


How Do I Get a Partner (Chevruta)? 

You sign up and answer a short questionnaire that will help us pair you with the right Chevruta. The pairing process is done with the utmost attention and care.

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How Do We Learn? 

Learning material both in Hebrew and in English is provided to you on a weekly basis and can be found on our website. You and your study partner decide on your learning style and learn according to the relationship and connection that evolves between you and your Chavruta.

Your Learning Community 

Your learning track is also your learning community. In the track's WhatsAPP group you can share thoughts and questions, and connect to other pairs who learn the same subject. Communicating with your learning track colleagues gives you another dimension of learning and enhances the learning experience. Our periodical Zoom assemblies for all track members are another way of connecting and deepening your learning.



A "Farbrengen" is an old Chasidic tradition that includes a gathering of people who are interested in sharing and hearing, creating a heart-to-heart conversation about their Jewish lives, dreams, aspirations, successes and areas to improve. The Shalhevet monthly Farbrengen is an opportunity for all Shalhevet participants to meet and discuss acute Jewish topics of concern or inspiration that are part of our Jewish identity.


What's the Idea? 

Personal connection with an Israeli Chevruta

Encounter Jewish texts firsthand and acquiring tools to grapple with them independently. Torah learning on your own terms, interests, and according to your personal learning style. Being part of a learning community based on mutual interest and comprised of all kinds of Jews.

All this – for no charge, and by investing just an hour a week!


What Exactly Do I get with "Shalhevet"?

A careful matching system that works to match you with a Chevruta that suits you. Learning material, translations and guiding accessories. 

Personal assistance from the Shalhevet team with any challenge that arises. 

Being part of an organization that has a vision of creating a learning community where any Jew from any background can feel at home and including invitations to extra programs and initiatives.

Following are our five learning tracks

Shalhevet participants:

In order to access your sources sheets 

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Shalhevet participants:

In order to access your sources sheets 

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The Shalhevet Learning Community 

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