The Steinsaltz  Virtual Learning Community

“Shalhevet” is a Virtual Beit Midrash in the Spirit of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
Created by the students of Rabbi Steinsaltz and the Steinsaltz yeshiva in Tekoa.

This program of Torah study is designed to answer Rabbi Steinsaltz's call for deep Torah learning and a general desire to connect and know our heritage. The program emphasizes acquiring tools for independent study. Shalhevet would like to build a community comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds across the globe, brought together through Torah learning. It is now possible to study Torah and advance your Torah knowledge, while also connecting with Rabbi Steinsaltz's legacy through his students – all in the comfort of your own home.
We are excited to offer a one-on-one weekly study session in a subject of your choice with one of Rabbi Steinsaltz's students, in one of the following areas:

1. Chassidut - Tanya: Learn Tanya with the excellent and thought-provoking commentary of Rabbi Steinsaltz
2. Parsha: Learn a part of the weekly Parsha with Rabbi Steinsaltz's amazing insights
3. Prayer: Learn the meaning - both literal and conceptual - of the prayers we say every day
4. Talmud: Learn how to study the Talmud


“Man Is Like The Tree Of The Field”

 INSPIRATIONAL "FARBRENGEN" GATHERING Celebrating Tu-Beshvat With Shalhevet Members From Around The World - January 31, 2021