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As Rabbi Steinsaltz said:


“We do not know if all of our graduates will become leaders, as this depends on their own talents and the help of Heaven. However, we want them, at the very least, to be lights that will shine, and sparks that kindle a flame. Wherever they go they should help others follow and choose a good and worthy path.


“These then are the aims of the yeshiva. At the same time, my personal wish is that the yeshiva, through its students and graduates, will form the beginning of a movement. This movement will look beyond its members and will provide direction to all Israel. In my vision, this movement will lead to a renaissance of spirituality and leadership for the Jewish people everywhere. We must dedicate years of our lives to achieving these goals. We must be prepared for enormous spiritual and material sacrifices together with great effort, so that these ambitions will be realized in this world, in our days.”



Financial Needs


The recent economic downturn caused by the COVID 19 crisis has heightened the yeshiva’s need to look to donor sources to survive. 

The cost of educating students at the Steinsaltz Yeshiva is modest (certainly by American standards) and currently runs around $12,500 per student per year. For a residential world class faculty, such a cost is a remarkable achievement, reflecting the dedication and commitment of faculty and students. Government subsidies defray 25% of the annual costs, with 35% covered by tuition. Most students come from families of limited means.   


Thus, $5000 per student per year – 40% of total costs – must be financed by supporters in Israel and the American Jewish community.

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s vision is to start a new movement leading to a renaissance of spirituality and leadership for the Jewish people everywhere. 

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s vision to create a new type of yeshiva in Israel, with the ambitious goal of "a renaissance of spirituality and leadership for the Jewish people everywhere,” is now our legacy.

Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michel Falk tells us:

“After our dear Rabbi’s passing, it is completely up to us – the students, the faculty, and the Jewish community at large – to assume responsibility for continuing Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission. It is the Rabbi’s desire for his students – and for us – to “continue to make the mission better and bigger than ever.”

Please donate whatever you can to the Steinsaltz Yeshiva.

Ways to donate

By credit card or bank transfer use J Give

By check or bank transfer, please make the check out to Aleph Society, Inc. or contact:

Aleph Society, Inc /Suite 1405 / 25 West 45th Street

New York NY 10036 / Telephone: 212 840 1166

If you would like to learn more about the Steinsaltz Yeshiva, please email to:

Please include your telephone number. We will return the call as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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