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Tanya Track

Welcome, all Tanya learners of Beit Midrash Shalhevet!
The Tanya which was composed by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (the first Lubavitcher
Rebbie) about 250 years ago, has quickly become one of the classic books of Jewish thought
and guidance. The book is unique in its expression, clarity, and ideas.
I invite each of you, to learn the book with an open mind and heart, listening carefully to the
ideas (they're not always presented straightforwardly) and discuss or argue about them with
your study partner. It hope it will be a meaningful journey for you.
For each chapter of the Tanya you can find on the web page the English and Hebrew
Steinsaltz commentary to the Tanya. I recommend reading them when seeking further explanation or when having
specific difficulty with the language or Talmudic jargon.
We'll have a chat box to discuss ideas together, and please make sure to join our Whatsapp
group for announcements.
You're welcome to be in touch with me about anything concerned with the Tanya track. And
I'd love to hear how it's going for you and your chavruta.



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