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Talmud Track

The Talmud is the beating heart of the Jewish people. In this track, we will dive into the “sea of Talmud” in order to familiarize ourselves with it and appreciate Jewish tradition throughout the generations. We will study each semester a chapter from one of the tractates in the Talmud. We will start with tractate Berachot, dealing with the laws and the origins of prayer.


Each week, we will discuss the Talmud with our learning partner (Chavruta), and once a month, by Zoom, we will review the learning and have in-depth discussions about the material covered. the one-on-one learning won't continue during the week of the class. Questions and ideas for each paragraph will be posted on the website, and you are more than welcome to participate in the discussion and reply.


The monthly class is our main way to connect with you, and we hope to provide you with tools that will help you advance in your studies. Every class will begin with different Chavrutas sharing insights gained from their private study time. 


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