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Parsha Track

In this track, we will learn each week a part of the weekly Parsha. The motto of this year's Parsha track study is "to live with time". The Torah is not just a story of things that have been or words of prophecy for things that will be. Every week's Torah portion is the rhythm of Torah time, the metronome that ticks once a week in the reading of the Torah on Shabbat in the synagogue. It can be said that this week's Torah portion is the prism through which light passes. Thus, each week is lit and painted in one of the rainbow shades of 'Or HaTorah'.

Together we will be created from Genesis, build the ark with Noah, go with Abraham to the Land of Israel. We will pray for the children with Isaac, we will dream together with Jacob about angels (and sheep) and go down to Egypt with Joseph and then with his brothers. We will also leave Egypt with all the people of Israel, receive the Torah at Mount Sinai and build the Tabernacle. Together we will see the cloud lying above it and hear the voice coming out of the two cherubim and calling Moshe Rabbeinu to the tent to receive the Torah of the Priests. In the desert, we will count together with all the commands and experience all the wandering events. At the end we will hear Moshe Rabbeinu repeat this Torah in one speech and listen to the last song of the Torah 'in the sight of all Israel'.

This learning is aimed for raising a discussion! You are invited to read the Torah as if it is your first time, and find out new ways to understand it.

I wish us all a successful journey together


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